15-291 Computational Intelligence Lab

Time: Fall W 6:30-7:30
Location: GHC 4301

Description: Computational Intelligence lab allows students to define a smart application using the latest technology and develop a prototype through the semester. It is a practical project course where base technology platforms will be provided to students (typically working in small groups). The teams job is define a project that is smart. That is, does something that appears smart to user.

Previous years pojects have included: speech based cooking apps, fashion advice, remote 3D presence apps, date conversation analysis apps etc. Platforms have included Google Glass, Occulus Rift, Microsoft Kinect, and various tablets cameras etc.

This course intends to allow students to use their skills learned in other courses throughout the University and focus them into a particular realization of their ideas. They will learn to define, design, and build a prototype that demonstrates the eventual functionality of their full application.

Instructors: Alan W Black and Anatole Gershman
Prerequisites: 15-211 for SCS undergraduates, exemption from this requirement requires the instructor's permission.
Grading: Team presentations, and submissions through out the semester and final presenation with demo at the end.

Assignment 1: Project Spec

For: 28th September (in class), short presentation about your project. You must include: Team name, members, goal of project, requirement hardware/software, intended responsibilities for team members, and initial milestones.

For: 30th September (emailed to awb@cs.cmu.edu and anatoleg@cs.cmu.edu) written form of the above presentation.