11-[46]92/18-495 (formerly 18-492)
Speech Processing Fall 2020

Time: MW 3:20-4:40 (note, no Friday lecture)
Location: On-line
Office Hours: TBA
Exam: Tue 15th Dec 3:00pm-4:20pm, in class zoom room, open book
Example Exam question: the exam will have 4 questions like this, you choose 3 of them to do. Example
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Description: Speech Processing offers a practical and theoretical understanding of how human speech can be processed by computers. It covers speech recognition, speech synthesis and spoken dialog systems. The course involves practicals where the student will build working speech recognition systems, build their own synthetic voice and build a complete spoken dialog system. This work will be based on existing toolkits. Details of algorithms, techniques and limitations of state of the art speech systems will also be presented. This course is designed for students wishing understand how to process real data for real applications, applying statistical and machine learning techniques as well as working with limitations in the technology.

Instructor: Alan W Black


Prerequisites: 15-211 for SCS undergraduates, exemption from this requirement requires the instructor's permission.
Availability: Open to juniors and seniors in the SCS undergraduate program and ECE Undergraduate program. Open to other students with the consent of an instructor.

Materials: The text required for the course will be "Spoken Language Processing" by Xuedong Huang, Alex Acero and Hsiao-wuen Hon, Prentice Hall (ISBN 0-13-22616-5). This book will be used for reading assignments, and background reading for homeworks and exams.

Homework: Homework consists of four programming projects: Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Spoken Dialog Systems, and one other.
Grading: 10% class participation, 60% programming projects, 30% final.
Course policies: Late homework , Cheating

Homework 01:
Homework 02:
Homework 03:
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